Somewhere on the other side of 40, Julie Allinson found herself in need of reading glasses. With the help of her optician friend (and future design collaborator) she set out to find the perfect pair. After carefully selecting her ideal frames, the final total left her with the type of sticker shock usually associated with a luxury sports car purchase or hotel mini-bar tab.  A frugal farm girl at heart, Julie couldn’t bear the thought of spending the GDP of a small country on an item that would inevitably end up lodged between the sofa cushions. When she inquired about a more reasonably priced alternative, she was directed to the rack at the local drugstore. The memory of what she saw there haunts her to this day…


Eyebobs Bamboo Bitty

Eyebobs Bamboo Bitty reading glasses have bamboo temples.

These stylish reading glasses come with a complimentary case.


Eyebobs Bitty Witty

Is Total Wit just too much? These reading glasses are every bit as witty, but sized for the pinhead. They may be small, but they pack a wallop!

Eyebobs Co Conspirator

These stylish reading glasses come with a complimentary case.

Black with horn temples. Just beautiful!


Eyebobs I ball

Perfect style and color for all occasions.

Eyebobs Losing it

“Where am I? Whose boots are these? And why am I holding this rubber chicken?” If details are a bit fuzzy, these stylish reading glasses will clear things right up.

Eyebobs Lucky

Get Lucky! These chunky retro reading glasses are perfect for a smaller noggin.

Eyebobs Manpower

Man up! Guys AND gals can put their best foot forward in this sleek frame. After all, behind every good man (or woman) is a great pair of reading glasses!

Eyebobs Number Cruncher

Calling all calculator jockeys: you won’t find a cooler reader anywhere. Trust us, we’ve done the math.

Eyebobs On Board

Slip on those topsiders and get On Board.  Sport these classic reading glasses and you’ll be the toast of the lido deck!

Eyebobs Over Served

Seeing pink elephants?  We can’t help you.  But these classic reading glasses are just the thing if you need to see that wine list a little more clearly.

Eyebobs P Body

Fire up the Wayback Machine, my boy!  For your inner know-it-all, these little retro readers are improbably cool.

Eyebobs Paige Turner

Go ahead, judge a book by its cover! These teeny tiny reading glasses look so pretty you won’t want to put them down. Limited quantities on sale now!

Eyebobs Phone it in

If these frames were any hotter, they’d cost $3.95 a minute. Get hung up on reading glasses that show off your saucy side.

Eyebobs Sharp Shooter

These stylish reading glasses come with a complimentary case.

Eyebobs Stewzoo

Updated cat eye shape gives you sylish reading glasses everybody wants!