When Frédéric Boucheron created the Maison in 1858, he asserted himself as a man with an enlightened and bold spirit; a visionary, in addition to his perfect expertise of the jeweler’s art. He was an adventurer who went straight to the foot of the mines to acquire the most beautiful stones, he was a pioneer of style and technique whose inventions were rapidly hailed at the Universal Exhibitions, he was a man in constant search of excellence and innovation.

Passionate about beauty and Parisian architecture, he opened his first boutique at the Palais Royal, which soon became a sought-after Parisian location.
In search of an even more exclusive address, he moved to the Place Vendôme in 1893, becoming the first of the great contemporary jewelers to ever open a boutique there. Fascinated by light, he chose number 26 for its exceptional situation, where the sun’s rays shine on the stones from dawn till dusk.